Hi I'm Hieu Phan Senior Full Stack Web Developer

About Me

Hieu Phan Full Stack Web Developer


I have a B.S. in Computer Science and have been working as a professional web developer for 5 years. I'm proficient in building, maintaining and scaling web applications

I have a passion for creating value in the form of functional, reliable software. My current focus is Ruby on Rails and ReactJS, used mostly for building backend api and frontend app of websites

I'm currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Let me know if you're looking for a remote team member and I maybe helpful to you.

Personal information

About me: Web Developer

Hobbies: Sporting, Reading, Listening music

Education: B.S. in Computer Science

Skills: Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Devops, CSS, Responsive UI

Programming Skills

85% Complete
Ruby on Rails 85%
85% Complete (success)
RESTFul API, Micro services 85%
80% Complete (success)
React JS 80%
75% Complete (warning)
AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Terraform, docker, Heroku 75%
HTML, CSS, Responsive UI, HAML, SLIM
CSS / CSS3 85%


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Ruby on Rails Application

I offer rapid software development using Ruby on Rails with high quality and well-tested code. I have knack for and always stick to coding best practice to keep things clean and simple

Responsive website

If you want to build a website that looks good on all devices (desktop, iphone, ipad, etc...), just leave me a message, I'll make your design real

Single Page Application

Modern websites are built as single page applications, which offer better user experience. I can make your website run smoothly like any website you show me. Besides high-performance backend REST API, I offer writting frontend applications using ReactJS, AngularJS or BackboneJS, which are widely used by a lot of websites nowaday

Deploying Web Application

You are struggling deploying your website to bring it to public. Just leave that boring task to me. Either it's as simple as a small service running on a single server, or as complicated as an enterprise infrastructure, I can help consult and build quickly. My main expertises are AWS, GCP, Heroku, Kubernetes, Teraform, Docker, Capistrano, Nginx, Puma, Apache, Passenger



A digital assets wallet service for people in Asia to buy, sell and secure their digital assets

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ShareGrid is a marketplace where people benefit from posting their camera listings for others to rent. ShareGrid is a transactional and secured web application. It makes rentals go smoothly and safely with advanced identity verification, insurance, and payment systems.

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An online elearning platform that connects students and teachers all over Vietnam

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Jooto is a Project Management tool, which allows users to keep track of their tasks, communicate and share files of their projects. Jooto is a high traffic and real-time web app, which requires strict performance optimization and resources management

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Rally Navigatorhttps://www.rallynavigator.com

Rally Navigator is a Google-map based application. It allows travelers to draw, edit and print roadbooks for their trips.

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